The group don't have any permanent members. It was a project with some producers tried to get several rappers on each song. However, you will see acts like La Mazz, Jay Supreme and Trooper feature on most of their songs.
The project united with several rappers/singers from the European Hip-Hop scene in order to refer to the existing problem of the racial discrimination among young people in Germany and across Europe. The idea came from Joe Thompson from the group Down Low, as well from K-Town Records (Ronald Baehr).

Since the most of the young people identify them-self with hiphop music it with concerts to racist remarks comes again and again, so Joe Thompson,
wants to confront it and doing the project.

Also with it naturally on the project was Down Low, which were represented already with 10 Singles in the German Charts, furthermore La Mazz, Trooper and Richele. From the Underground HipHop scene take part in the R.A.R. Project the Dungeon Mastaz, which inspires its fan with meaningful Lyrics and raps.

R.A.R. released their first single "I Want To Know What Love Is" in March 1998 together with Down Low, LaMazz and Scream Factory. A very touching song with wonderful lyrics stormed into the charts.

In the summer of´98, they released their 2nd single "Key To Your Heart", which is mostly about racism. " kids and white kids playing together, no white mama, screaming yo, that´s a nigga...". The song features Trooper, La Mazz and a female rapper Richele. Many of the R.A.R. songs are about racism and how stupid it is to judge a person by the color of his skin.

The 3rd single was released in late 1998, and it was "Only You", a beautiful song about broken relationship. I just love the lyrics to that song. Trooper raps and Scream Factory sings the beautiful chorus.

In April 1999, Rappers Against Racism released their 4th single "Sorry", which features Trooper, La Mazz and the former rapper from Culture Beat, Jay Supreme. This song is one of the all time best songs in European Hip Hop in my opinion.

In the same time as they released the 4th single, Rappers Against Racism finally released their debut album "The Message". The album is a masterpiece. Many different rappers and singers feature on the album.

Then, in August 2000, they released the first single from the forthcoming album. The single is called "Hiroshima" and is dedicated to all the victims of the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The song features La Mazz and Jay Supreme and is a wonderful slow r&b/hiphop song that you can't miss!

In 2001, Zyx Music, the label of R.A.R. released the old single "Streets Of London".


After that, sadly, there has been nothing new from this fantastic group....
Although, Zyx Music did a very bad thing, in my opinion, in late 2003. The released a complication of some r&b/rap/hiphop songs and used the name Rappers Against Racism and called the complication "The message vol.2". This complication has nothing to do with the original R.A.R.